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The Anchor Clue: Fayez on Kodachrome



Of the 2707 images suspected of being taken either in 1991 or 1992, 72 are Kodachrome slides.


Even in its heyday, Kodachrome's complex process K-14 could only be handled by a handful of laboratories. The Kodachrome films from 1992 were sent to BWC Chrome Labs in Miami, Florida. The embossed date on the slide mounts is July 92. The fact that I invariably sought to have film processed immediately upon return from a photo shoot or a trip indicates that this roll was taken in the summer of 1992.


With this information, I was able to utilize the photographs of my cousin Fayez as a departure point for the investigation. Fayez was on a visit to Lebanon from his home in Los Angeles, CA to introduce his American fiancee Melanie to his family. He had not been in Lebanon in 1991. He also never returned to Lebanon after 1992 as he and Melanie were killed in a tragic car accident in the UK not long thereafter.


Please note that not all the clues and rolls are presented here, as they can be rather lengthy and complex. The next few pages are but samples from the full investigation.


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