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Kiarostami: Silent Moments

From Carpet to Celestial Heavens: Hamideh Razavi

010_05 / 31 October 2016


From Carpet to Celestial Heavens

Hamideh Razavi

2 mins 50 secs


Hamideh passed away in an unfortunate car accident in Dec 2015, having just turned 40 years old. She was Kiarsotami's producer, manager, creative consult and above all closest friend. She has created potentially over 50 short films and video art works, but most have never been published. She attended all of Kiarostami's workshops, directing short films which were screened at international festivals. She also shot/directed two films about Kiarsotami's making of Certified Copy (2010) and Shirin (2008). In Iran she is regarded as one of the country's most unfiltered courageous contemporary artists.


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