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Kiarostami: Silent Moments

Yellow, Blue, Red: Ali Karim

010_05 / 31 October 2016


Yellow, Blue, Red

Ali Karim

6 mins 42 secs


Ali's sole ambition was always filmmaking. He began his career in his early 20's as an actor in Iran's theatre scene. About five years, he later joined the team as First Assistant Director. Yellow, Red, Blue is Ali's first film, made in Kiarostami's first workshop in 2006. This film was nominated as the best film of the workshop and subsequently entered various festivals, as well as at the University of Toulouse, France as an example of Kiarostami's best student works. This helped progress Ali's career into making more internationally renowned short films and eventually his first feature film, Pothole. He recently completed his second feature, I Hate the Dawn.

'Entering Kiarostami's workshop opened my eyes into a detailed visual real world that I had not experienced before. He was an artist who personified his character in his works. His pure eye for beauty forced me to throw away preconceived forms and thoughts and to simply look and work with what surrounds me'.


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