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Kiarostami: Silent Moments

Dowry for Mahrou: Samira Eskandarfar

010_05 / 31 October 2016


Dowry for Mahrou

Samira Eskandarfar

6 mins 6 secs


Samira is a filmmaker and painter based in Tehran. She has completed over 15 short films and currently finalizing her 2nd feature film. This short film, Dowry for Mahrou, a piece that Kiarostami was truly moved by, was purchased by the Tate Gallery in London in 2010.

'This short film was my third in Kiarostami's workshop. During my attendance at the workshop I had an unexpected opportunity to attend a wedding in Hamedan. The first version of this film was shown in class but was quite different to this. After the viewing during the workshop, Kiarostami asked for a few changes to be made. He advised me to add the titles, change the name of the film and to add the final shot of the feet. These are the details that made this film.'


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