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Kiarostami: Silent Moments

Water: Hamed Sahihi

010_05 / 31 October 2016



Hamed Sahihi

4 mins 5 secs


Hamed graduated from Tehran University's Faculty of Fine Arts in 2003 before taking a Master of Fine Arts at the Art University in Tehran in 2005. He has made twenty short films and one feature film. Like many others, Kiarostami's workshop had a major influence in joining his skills of motion graphics with the art of simple storytelling. Hamed currently lives and works as a visual artist and filmmaker in Tehran.  

'Abbas kiarostami’s workshop was one of the most joyful experiences that I have ever participated in. I made seven videos during his classes. He had this effect on you that made you easily turn your ideas into films. He always gave constructive advice to everyone no matter how good or bad their ideas or final products were. If anything could be better on any level, he would look for improvement and that was how he was teaching. He never gave any direct lessons or made any general statements about cinema or how it 'should' be; he knew that every different individual has to find her/his own style and it is diversity that makes art beautiful. He wasn’t after perfection, but rather types of creation that have personality'.


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