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A Prologue to the Past and Present State of Things

ARC.HIVE (2006–present): Adham Hafez

009_00 / 2 July 2015




ARC.HIVE is a project initiated by Adham Hafez as part of HaRaKa; Egypt's performance and dance research leading project that was established in 2006. The ARC.HIVE of Arab contemporary performing arts is a partnership between HaRaKa (Cairo), Lincoln Centre's Performing Arts Library (NYC), and the German Dance Archives (Cologne), and is a two unit project: an 'ARC' that collects, digitizes and contextualizes material, and a 'HIVE' that commissions live and published work in the fields of performance, dance, theatre and music. Bringing rare film footage and material together for future research, ARC.HIVE offers visibility and preservation of this material through its sites on three continents.



Adham Hafez, based in Cairo, is engaged in practice and theory around rituals, site-specificity, new choreographic systems, physical dramaturgy, cultural policy and new artistic hybrid forms. Adham creates dance performances, concerts, lectures, installations, and workshops.


He has produced a large body of work through Adham Hafez Company, which has been presented in Egypt, the Middle East and Europe. He is the founder and programme director of HaRaKa, the first movement and performance research project in Egypt, as well as the artistic director for the „TransDance" festival series and the founder of "Cairography", the first publication in Egypt dedicated to critical writing on choreography and performance. Adham Hafez holds MA in Choreography from Amsterdam Theatre School (Amsterdam), and MA in Political Science from SciencePo (Paris), and is a PhD Candidate in Performance Studies at Tisch School for the Arts at New York University (NY).

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